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Login To Send SMS

Prices of SMS

Credit Volume                               Price /sms           

1 – 50,000                                      =N1.85

50,001 - 500,000                           =N1.80

500,001 - 5,000,000                     =N1.55


Bank details


Account Name: BIZMARROW .Account Number: 0162379908


Account Name: BIZMARROW Account Number: 2021640922



Important Notce

  • We are happy  to inform  our valued customers that we have introduced Express Server which allows you to send bulk sms to numbers with DO NOT DISTURB on them. What this means is that you can now send sms and have them delivered to  phone numbers that are on DO NOT DISTURB LIST in Nigeria, No more sms failure delivery. no more DO NOT DISTURB especially on MTN lines stopping your sms from getting delivered
  • YOU CAN ALSO NOW HAVE THE DELIVERY REPORT OF ALL YOUR SMS :No more guessing whether your sms is delivered or not, you can have the delivery report of all your sent  sms




 You can now buy and send bulk sms from at one SMS per one unit (1 SMS=1 UNITS)

What this means is that if you have 200 number to send one page sms to, only 200 units will be deducted from your account

If you have 3,800 unit in your account balance, you can send sms to 3,800 number as long as the message is one page sms

Looking at the image below, all you need to is pay attention to the number of pages as circled with red below to know when your message is exceeding one page



Here is a special promo for you


You can buy any quantity of SMS from today (Tuesday 13-12-2016)

till tomorrow (Wednesday 14-12-2016) at the same old price of N1.30 Kobo (quantity Determined)

and still send sms at 1 SMS=1 UNITS


After the promo date, the new price will be 


Credit Volume                               Price /sms           

Deduction                                        (1 unit)

1 – 50,000                                      =N1.85

50,001 - 500,000                           =N1.80

500,001 - 5,000,000                     =N1.55


Comparison of the old pricing and deduction with the new one


In the old pricing you buy SMS at N1.50kobo and send at the deduction rate of 1.5 unit per SMS thereby spending N2.25 per SMS (1.5 x1.5 =2.25)


BUT with the new pricing, you buy sms at N1.85 Kobo and send at the deduction rate of 1 unit per sms, thereby spending only N1.85 per sms (1.85x 1 = N1.85)


Old pricing total value per sms N2.25

New pricing total value per sms N1.85


You can now see that the new pricing is far much cheaper


The new pricing will be activated on each existing member account after their next sms purchase starting from today 



Not yet a member?  


If you are a registered member, login

Not yet a member, Please create an account



 Hurry while the PROMO last, Pay to....



Account Number: 0121044733


Account Number: 2021640922

Use the name you used to register on  CLICKNSPREADSMS.COM as the depositor's name

After payment, text the

1) Depositor's name,

2) Bank slip number

3) Amount paid to

08039321204 OR 08084309249

Or pay with your ATM CARD


Please note that any sms bought with this account does not expire

Terms and conditions apply


Schedule SMS for Future Delivery

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How to buy sms with ATM and get instant credit

Buy SMS through ATM Machine Using Quick teller