How To buy Bulk SMS through ATM Machine Using Quick teller

Most of the times you would want to buy bulk sms, but you don’t have the time to go and line up in the bank to deposit money into our account , or it is weekend or public holidays when banks are not working
buy sms using atm machine and atm card

Here is a solution, All you need to do now is to locate any ATM  machine close to you and the transfer money to our account number and get your SMS account credited

Just follow the steps below
Step by step How To buy Bulk SMS through ATM Machine Using Quick teller

  1. Go to the nearest ATM machine to you and insert your card and input your PIN Look for Quickteller option on the screen, if its not there, remove your card and check other bank ATM machine.
  2. Choose “Quickteller” from the options
  3. Select Fund Transfer
  4. Then select “Interbank Transfers
  5. Choose the bank you want to transfer the money to ( Our GT Bank or First Bank) if you can’t see any of these banks immediately on the screen, use the arrow on bottom of the screen to navigate)
  6. After choosing the bank, You’ll be prompted to choose the account type of the recipient (choose Current”).
  7. Then choose your own account type (Savings or Current or Credit)
  1. Proceed to enter our bank account number: GT Bank Account Number: 0162379908        First Bank Account Number: 2021640922
  1. Confirm whether everything is correct, especially our account name BIZMARROW and account number you added in step 8 then make the payment
  2. You will see payment successful ,
  3. Send your user name , amount transferred, the bank you transferred from to 08088996437, 0909666919

You BULK SMS account will be credited immediately