Get 1 unit deduction in all your SMS

bulk sms units deductionYou can now decide if you want your account to be on 1 units sms deduction rate or on 1.5 units sms deduction rate.

Please check the details below and decide. Thank you

Credit Volume          Price /sms                      Price /sms

Deduction                (1.5 units)                          (1 unit)

1 – 50,000               =N1.50                          =N1.85

50,001 – 500,000      =N1.40                          =N1.80

500,001 – 5,000,000  =N1.30                          =N1.55

After making payment please let us know if you want to migrate to the 1 unit deduction new rate. if not specified, the old rate will apply

If you have sms balance from the old unit rate, it will be pro rated when you want to move to the new 1 unit deduction rate

thank you