bulk sms units deduction

Get 1 unit deduction in all your SMS

You can now decide if you want your account to be on 1 units sms deduction rate or on 1.5 units sms deduction rate. Please check the details below and decide. Thank you Credit Volume          Price /sms        …

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how to grow business using bulk sms

How to grow your business using bulk sms

Why would you like to use bulk sms, whether for business or for personal life One of the advantages of using  bulk sms technology is the ease of sending messages to a large group of persons at the same time with just one click If…

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How to register to send Bulk SMS on WWW.CLICKNSPREADSMS
banned words

Prohibited Word for bulk sms

police alert, promo, win, pr0m0 win, pr0mo, w1n, prom0 win, FBI,CIA, Interpol, Interp0l, 1nterp0l, 000 111 141 C.O.T. 222 333 444 444 444 C.O.T 555 666 777 888 999 131 141 AccessBank AfriBank Airtel Bank BankPHB BBC BBC LOTTERY BBC UK Boko Aram Boko Haram…